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Maintenance Services

We offer regular scheduled services that involve seasonal preparation and maintenance.  We can change your furnace filters, change out those hard to reach light bulbs, cleaning gutters, clean out the dryer vent ducting from all of the lint buildup, pressure washing the house/sidewalk/driveway to get rid of the mildew or dirt buildup.

Power Washing

Don’t worry about renting a Pressure washer,  give us a call so we can handle it for you.   We have the experience to come in and bring a new luster to any item that needs a good cleaning.   Decks, Patios, lawn furniture, siding, you name it, we can get it done. 

Wateroofing & Sealing

Every few years a decks needs to be cleaned and resealed in order to optimize its lifespan.   We will come in and pressure wash your deck, find any areas that need replaced and then stain and seal the deck to give you years of enjoyment. 


Leaky faucet?  Bad Smell coming from your toilet?  We have what it takes to come in and help you repair and help maintain items to avoid costly damages.

Small Remodel, Big Impact

Kitchen Remodel

Small changes to your current kitchen can make a huge difference.   We can come in and replace countertops, cabinets or change out fixtures and handles, add in some paint and you will find yourself with a revived Kitchen!

Deck Remodel

Starting from scratch can be painful and unnecessary,  Let us come in and talk about some improvements that could help you save money but also bring new life to your outdoor spaces. 

Bathroom Remodel

Our experience and local connections help us to bring to the table a wide array of skills that can go into remodeling your bathroom.  Removing old bathtubs, fixing subfloor and drywall, Tiling, these are a few things that go into a successful rehab.

Basement Remodel

Our goal is to help you enjoy your home but also maintain and increase its value.   Adding a finished basement is always a good way to improve the usefullness and value of your property.   

General Repair

Fixtures,Siding,Drywall,Trim….etc. Fixing things that have been broken down either by time or suddenly is a lot of what we do. 

Fixture Repair/Replacement

Electrical problems with Fixtures  can shorten the life of many items,  making sure that they are installed properly can help lower your maintenance and save you on energy costs.   

Drywall Repair

Drywall is one of those things that not every home owner can handle,  the tools to do the job right are essential and we have everything it takes to repair your drywall with speed and efficency.

Door Repair

The entrances to your home and rooms are vital in keeping your home safe and efficient.  Repairing older doors to working order by installing new locks and door knobs to weather striping and casing will help keep your family safe and your electric bills lower.  

Countertop Repair

Countertops handle a lot day in and day out,  but they also helped to maintain a clean and safe environment in your kitchen.  Backsplashes come lose, veneer chips,  we can help guide you to a solution.  

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